Dugald Pollit
Have you tried TUT? Maybe you have if you’ve had a one on one with one of the  FIT Personal Trainers here at FIT Lane Cove.   Time Under Tension (TUT) training is a great way to increase the load you place the muscles under when weight training to develop muscular strength and growth without...
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Simple but true!!! We need to stay focussed and energetic whilst our bodies adjust to change. A question of time always seems to be asked……”How long will it take?”   If I am comfortable with the member of our community and I believe they are ready for the truth then I will ask them how...
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Ingredients 2 x Eggplant cut into 1cm discs 1 x Red onion diced 2 x Garlic cloves diced 2 x Cans of crushed tomatoes 1 x Punnet of cherry tomatoes halved 1 x Bag of baby spinach How to: Preheat oven to 180 degrees Place the eggplant discs on a couple of trays which have...
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