FITTREK for women Sunday Session

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A stunning morning for the girls to FITTREK their way along our gorgeous Northern Beaches coastline!

Sunday Sessions run from 7:30am for 3 hours! $50 per Sunday Session on a casual basis.

A mix of cardio endurance, strength and interval. All achieved outdoors!

If you are interested in our next Sunday Session, email Rozzie:


Week 6 of Term was the Lindfield 2 Creek Track


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21 March with Lisa
Rain equals a morning of extra exciting challenges!
A HUGE yay to the girls that turned up to experience Fit Trek for Women in downpours, puddles and mud!! – Celia, Vicky, Robyn, Deb you are tough chicks!!
Plans have to change when the weather turns but it gives us the chance to test out our gear and makes us stronger not just physically but mentally!!
24 March with Rozzie 
12km walk with over 1,000 stairs to climb saw our Thursday girls pushing themselves to great heights. Easter was celebrated on morning tea rock and lots of talk about how much fitter and stronger we are all feeling after week 6. Friendships are forming and adventures together being planned.

FIT TREK Training took on the HEAT of the SPHINX!

Two extremely HOT sessions this week for the FIT TREK for women girls! Some great pics as they took on the Sphinx!
Monday FIT TREK with Lisa – 22nd February
Stats: 8.05 km’s. 12,500 steps. Elevation +612m  – 646m. Big ascents  / descents today and this, as well as the heat, affects distance. As I said to the girls – if we were doing a trek in Europe these are the sort of ascents we would do in a day.
Location: National Park gates, Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra
Goal: Sphinx track down, repeat Sphinx. Valley then up the Warimoo track toward St Ives. Return.
“5 minutes from the city and 1000 miles from care” – truly appreciating the great quality bush in Ku-ring-gai National park. Understanding more about the location I think the girls appreciated that we were really at their doorstep…right between Turramurra and St Ives.
Thursday FIT TREK with Rozzie – 25th February
39 degree heat = Enthusiasm for an adventure, shorts, hats, sunscreen, wet bandanas, wet towels, water sprays, gatorade, constant sipping of water and a slower pace is what it took to get us through our week 2 session.
We covered 11km of ascents and descents, low tide creek crossings and fire trails.
Our first ascent that took the girls anywhere from 12 to 16 minutes.  Rae’s mantra was “My mind is strong, my legs are strong”, turning into “My legs are strong, my mind is strong”
A message from one of the girls after – I’m tired in a good way and feeling so empowered!! Love it!!

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