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In August 2019, FIT Lane Cove will be launching COACHING,  with a professional program specifically designed to educate, improve strength, develop confidence, refine technique and reduce injury.

During the COACHING small group sessions your dedicated Coach will analyse your performance and together your combined commitment will focus on your strength progression. 

The great benefit of COACHING is that you  see quick, positive results as an outcome. This is because COACHING is participative and clients are keen to learn and adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning process. As soon as a COACHING session ends you can implement a new practice, that will lead to further progression.

Strength is progress

COACHING will provide you with support, education, technique analysis as well as an avenue to build the foundations of a strong body. COACHING is vital to anyone wanting to improve their training program and is perfect for all levels of fitness.


COACHING requires commitment. Every program contains three resistance training sessions per week, which can be performed under supervised coaching or during your own time. As coaches, we believe that for optimal progress and results this is the standard that is necessary.


As Coaches, one of our biggest missions is to provide education on how to train optimally, safely and with confidence. Throughout our years as coaches, we’ve seen countless people attempt and fail to implement a resistance training program. As part of COACHING, you’ll be taken through your programs step by step. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you’ll need to succeed.

Periodised Progamming

COACHINGS primary goal is getting you strong! Our programs concentrate on manipulating key training variables to progress you from week to week. Programs are constructed with different blocks of emphasis that build on from one another. The goal behind this is constant improvement, each block will be challenging and will promote progression.

The Squat

Squats do not just build toned legs, they are a total body workout that are the cornerstone to any strength training program. The benefit of mastering the Squat will build confidence in training as well as overall strength in your core, glutes and lower back, leading to further progress in other exercises.

The Bench Press

The Bench Press is the upper body lift that rounds of the big three lifts, being the Squat, Deadlift and the Bench Press. Like all these exercises, the benefits of one will overflow onto other exercises in your program. Build a strong chest, shoulders and arms with correct technique and progression.

The Deadlift

If the Squat is the cornerstone to a strength program, then every Coach would agree that the Deadlift is the centrepiece to that same program. An exercise that provides simplicity in execution to deliver a head to toe workout. There are a number of variants, however, the importance of this functional exercise on providing a strong body can not be underestimated.

Better Movement

Within the small group environment of COACHING, you will be coached through specific programs designed to make you stronger utilising key movement patterns.

Primary movement patterns will be the cornerstones of the programs you’ll follow, making adjustments as you progress.

Move Better, Live Better



Benchmarking is a critical factor in knowing where to start and where to aim in a strength training program. Your Coach will benchmark the essentials to your needs and allow you to revisit these to see the progress made in all areas of your program.

The Essentials of COACHING

COACHING by FIT Lane Cove is small group strength training following a periodised training program.

●  COACHING is part of the timetable where you can book through the FIT App.

●  Free Initial COACHING Consultation

●  Up to 8 members in each session.

●  Option to complete remaining sessions of your program outside COACHING sessions

●  Continuous and updated program every 4 weeks.

●  COACHING from $30 per hour session.

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first master the fundamentals
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