March 8, 2016 Dugald Pollit

See how the girls took on the Lane Cove National Park


Monday 29th February with Lis
: Lane Cove National Park

Stats: 10.8 km’s. 12,500 steps. Elevation +850m /   – 825m. Amazing how the little ups and down add up over the session – especially when you are moving quickly.

The girls  were happy  with goal of moving quickly and a loop with the target of 11kms.  Temperature was brilliant. Shade fab. Quickly got into rhythm. Changing leaders and making sure we worked hard to achieve our goal! The amount of wildlife and large lizards took the girls by surprise….what a glorious backyard we have


Thursday 3rd March with Rozzie
11km, 16,200 steps, 67 floors, 877 calories burned

IMG_0912Week 3 and lots smiling faces excited to be off on an another adventure walk.  Lane Cove National Park this week for our endurance walk where we covered 11km, 16,200 steps with a little bit of interval work on stairs and hills.

A new leader every 10 minutes gave everyone the chance to walk at their fastest pace and everyone behind them to keep up.  From the weir to De Burghs bridge walking along the river and over to the other side and back.  Beautiful bush, caves and rocky outcrops to discover, not to mention the abundance of Eastern Water dragons, adult and babies that we saw makes us realise how lucky we are to be out there exploring this beautiful bushland we have right on our door step.