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FIT Lane Cove offers you the complete club experience, from the latest in Small Group Training to our Exhale Studio, a bespoke mind and body space that allows you to leave the every day behind, your fitness experience is our number one focus.


leave the everyday behind
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Philosophy -first master the fundamentals


In August 2019, FIT Lane Cove will be launching COACHING,  with a professional program specifically designed to educate, improve strength, develop confidence, refine technique and reduce injury.

During the COACHING small group sessions your dedicated Coach will analyse your performance and together your combined commitment will focus on your strength progression. 

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Exhale Studio

Leave the everyday behind

The unique space is designed to revitalise the way people live, giving our members an urban sanctuary where they can learn to be the best that they can be, to become a happier, fitter and healthier person.

FIT Mums

Created by Mum for Mums

Pre and Postnatal exercises to help achieve strong, fit and mobile mums.

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Our team of dedicated Personal Trainers will help you achieve your next fitness and lifestyle goal. Challenging yourself to become a better version of yourself.

Lane Cove Fun Run

8th September 2019

A fantastic local community event. Register for either the 2km or 5km event.

Staffed Hours

FIT Lane Cove is a 365 club

Monday 6am to 8pm

Tuesday 6am to 8pm

Wednesday 6am to 8pm

Thursday 6am to 8pm

Friday 6am to 3pm

Saturday 7am to 1230pm

Kids Club Hours

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Monday 8am to 12pm

Tuesday 8am to 12pm

Wednesday 8am to 12pm

Thursday 8am to 12pm

Friday 8am to 12pm

Saturday 8am to 12pm